• "This budget plan has been a tremendous help for me. I am more aware of my spending per month. And I’ve realized that small purchases made several times a month (i.e. dining out, getting nails done) can affect your budget in a major way if they are not thoroughly managed. I reduced my radical spending and was able to increase my savings per month. Thanks to this budget plan I was able to purchase a brand new house that was affordable for me. I will continue to use this budget because it definitely works for me!"

​              Kendra, North Carolina


  • “My first reaction after our initial class was that I wasn’t the only person in my age group who felt lost about money.”                            

             Catina, New York


  • “Each class we had was such an eye opener to things I “heard” of but didn’t really know much about. Because of these courses I make much smarter financial decisions like opening an IRA account and getting life insurance for my daughter”.

              LaTasha, New York


  • “They provide a wealth of practical knowledge and guidance. The information obtained in the courses set a new level of focus and arms you with the tools needed to make the necessary adjustments.”

             Sophia, New York


  • “After our initial class I realized that my husband and I, together, make over $100K and don’t have any savings to show for it. Since that course I have saved $800.”

            Bernadette, New York

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