Meet the Founder

bigstock-young-woman-with-red-gerbera--45048136Sunny Newsome is the Founder of Teach Everyone About Money, LLC (“T.E.A.M.”), a personal finance education company. After years working in financial services and seeing first-hand the effects the economy can have on everyday people’s lives, Sunny wanted to create an online community where people can receive the necessary information to help understand how they can take control of their money. The foundation of her work stems from her desire to make the complicated world of finance and government regulation simple to people.

Growing up in a culture where finances were not discussed for various reasons, lack of education being one, Sunny did not begin to learn about finances until attending college. This began her journey into learning more about money and the role it plays in one’s life. Since then, she has been motivated to help others to not only understand, money, but also to take control of their finances. This passion has pushed her to work with individuals in 1 to 1 settings and with various non-profit organizations to promote financial literacy. Sunny believes the information is out there and she wants everyone to know how to find it to achieve his or her financial goals.

Many people find it challenging to managing their money and today’s marketplace can be overwhelming. In 2010, she conducted a yearlong program to educate five women, with varying socio-economic backgrounds, to redesign their financial life. She quickly learned her goal of educating this group would be daunting, in the first meeting one woman stated, “Why do I need credit? If I want to buy a house I’ll just put it in my son’s name”. Some of these women had never looked at their credit report, were living paycheck-to-paycheck and didn’t have any money saved for retirement. At the end of the year, the mindset of each woman changed toward her relationship with money. They are now saving automatically, checking their credit report, and have purchased life insurance. Sunny had such a tremendous feeling of joy knowing that she was able to empower someone to reach her financial goals that this program became the impetus for T.E.A.M.

Prior to launching T.E.A.M., Sunny spent close to 20 years working as a U.S. and Latin American Bank Analyst, a Regulatory Reporting Analyst and an Accounting Manager at a Fortune 500 financial services firm, a bank, and a credit union, respectively.

Sunny earned her MBA from Columbia University in New York City and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management – with a concentration in Finance – from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. She is a former professional track and field athlete who competed in the 800 and 1500 meters. In her spare time, Sunny serves as a volunteer for teen girls. 


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